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We believe baptism is for adults who have come to Christian faith and not been baptised already and for the children of believers and active members of the fellowship.

Why do we baptise children?

Let me start in the New Testament and work back.

New believers were baptised as adults, that is plain. But were there any children baptised? Well the promise of the gospel in the New Testament was to the people of God just like it was in the Old Testament. At Pentecost, Peter stands and tells the people to "repent and be baptised, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit". (Acts 2:38) So at Pentecost the people repented of sin, were baptised there and then as an outward sign of their inner commitment, and concurrently as they gave their lives to Christ the Holy Spirit was given as the bringer and sealer of their salvation. Peter goes on to say, "the promise is for you and your children." (Acts 2:39)

In Phillipi the jailer asked how to become a Christian and was told to "believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved - you and your household". (Acts 16:31) He and his whole household were baptised, as was the household of Lydia before him and several other households.

Now we might think, "but weren't they all adults?". Of course we are not told, but let's bring the whole of the Bible to bear here.

Children were members of the Old Testament covenant community. Deuteronomy 6 mentions talking at bedtimes, at meals times and out on walks about the faith. They were given the sign of the covenant at 8 days. Why? Because they were brought up to trust in the Lord from their earliest of days.

If there is always an increase of grace in the New Testament, and there is, will there be any less in the New Testament in this area? Of course not. In Colossians 2:12-13 Paul affirms that baptism is the full expression of circumcision.

Moreover, Jesus received children and blessed them, they were not to be kept back from him. Children were treated as members of the New Testament church covenant community. In fact, Paul addresses them directly in Ephesians 6 (not "parents tell your children" but "children obey your parents"). So as a believer all the Bible's promises are to you and your children and your children's children who fear, trust, and obey the Lord.

So the assumption is that children are in God's covenant community until they show themselves to be a covenant breaker. Therefore as believing parents we bring them up as believers, trusting in the Lord Jesus from their earliest of days, like Timothy who knew the scriptures from infancy. (2 Timothy 3:15-16) Bringing them up in faith, not fear, bearing the sign of the covenant they are believing in - baptism. And all the while ensuring that they understand the need for them to affirm the necessity of the new birth through belief and trust in Jesus as their only Saviour and Lord. 

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