What We Believe

Mark reveals the identity of Jesus Christ very clearly in his gospel. It is clear that Jesus is God's Son and that he speaks and acts with all the authority of God himself.

As we follow the account of Jesus and his disciples it is obvious that the twelve disciples were slow to understand the mission of Jesus Christ. Mark tells us plainly that Jesus came to rescue people from sin and from eternal danger, to bring them forgiveness and eternal life, and that he would achieve this through his death on the cross. The fact that Jesus was willing to die in the place of others and to be punished instead of them is the remarkable core of the gospel. We learn at the cross the true depth of the love of God for people who do not deserve such grace.

But what does it mean to follow Jesus today? Those who embark on a life of discipleship, with Jesus as their Lord, face many struggles. It is a costly business to repent of sin and place our faith completely in Jesus. But as we do so God sends his Holy Spirit to live with us from that day onwards. We become part of God's family the Church, are equipped for a life of service, and are also promised eternal life with Jesus in heaven. Worth thinking about?

Word, Work and Worship

Central to our services each Sunday, and at the top of our priorities week by week, is a desire to make the message of the Bible available to everyone who comes to worship on a Sunday.

At the heart of Christianity is a life affirming message of faith, hope and love. It also challenges whatever inhibits these things and offers a tried and tested framework for life and living - a framework for work life, home life, family life, parenting, friendships, finances, community living and much more; advice on coping with worry, stress, bereavement and even dying. Everything we seek to do as a church centres round this. At North Parish Church as well as looking hard at life in the 21st century you will find mirth and laughter.

There are many opportunities to be involved, to be listened to and to listen. There are many new initiatives waiting to be started. The non static ethos of the group is leading to fresh places, ideas and thinking about how to live out the Christian faith in the 21st century.

There are also opportunities to pray together and to study the Bible together. Our time together on a Sunday should be like a spiritual petrol station for you. What you do from Monday to Saturday is every bit as important as what you do on a Sunday and we all certainly know that it is more demanding.

God's ministry to you on a Sunday should fuel your vital ministry to others when you are at work or at home, or with friends. That way others too may come to worship the Lord Jesus.

Occasional courses are run for those who are interested in finding out more about the Christian faith. You may want to contact us for more information about these opportunities.

Upcoming Events

Sunday 19th August

10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Wednesday 22nd August

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